VoinMed was established in 2020 as a growing need for medical supplies. Being a recognized partner in Europe and Turkey and having all necessary knowledge at hand, we decided to reply those needs in the face of pandemics and the need to keep up with the changing reality. Our sheer aim is to actively contribute to improve the quality of health all over the world. Currently, we are exporting our goods to 86 countries worldwide.

Thanks to our long-term relations in the market, we are able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Our portfolio of products include: hand sanitizer, diverse types of masks including 3 layer, KN95, kids mask, protective isolation masks, etc. We also supply antibacterial gels and sprays.

We have our own factories and are sole owner of the goods being able to offer best prices and products of best quality in the market. If you are a wholesaler and want to purchase stock in big quantities or you need a custom-made product, please contact us at info@voinmed.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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